воскресенье, 15 февраля 2009 г.

StrongDC++ sqlite r374 release

Основан на свежем StrongDC++ 2.22



зеркало на народе:




  • better URL detection in chat
  • stability fixes - now it's almost perfect :)
  • removed detection of too many same numbers in share size
  • changed default URL to client profiles
  • fixed graphics on 16-bit color depth
  • tab key switching works in PM
  • ctrl+m userlist's shortcut to send PM
  • fixed losing focus in settings' tree
  • advertising NMDC TLS support
  • small memory optimization
  • added support for secured HTTP connections (http://)
  • changed binary prefixes to match standard IEC 60027-2
  • added extra slots for partial share
  • fixed copying folders info in filelists
  • don't bold queue tab when filelist/testsur is finished
  • alternate sources are added to queue even if autosearch is disabled
  • queue automatch downloads partial filelists only
  • unsuccessful partial filelist requests are removed from queue
  • temp target file is checked for its existence before download resumes
  • added TLS support for NMDC hub connections (nmdcs://)
  • changed to stable version of OpenSSL
  • improved partial file sharing chunk size
  • fixed displaying hub name in ADC userlist
  • fixed invalid state icon in TreeListViewCtrl when using filtering
  • fixed possible file corruption on crash
  • many other bugfixes (see developer changelog for details)

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глюк в флайлинке после обновления шары когда перенес папку на другой диск показывает папку пустую с названием которыю перенес на другой диск она как бы есть на прошлом диске и отображена в шаре хотя ее вобще нету уже на том диске--- исправте баг --- Заранее Спасибо !!!

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Почините, пожалуйста, IPGuard во ФлайЛинке. =\