суббота, 2 августа 2008 г.

StrongDC++ 2.22 (svn414) sqlite r346

StrongDC++ 2.22 (svn414)  sqlite r346

** svn414
kademlia bootstraps from external website
finished kademlia files publishing
added some kademlia IP checks
added sending and parsing INF command
added "McAfee VirusScan Winsock Helper" to libraries causing a crash
open link calls only ShellExecute without getting real protocol handler
added possibility to compile with yaSSL instead of OpenSSL (but it's not recommended)
hopefully fixed possible invalid hub user count
search history is sorted and doesn't show duplicites
kademlia UDP compression level respects settings
kademlia uses UDP port 5170
TCP port isn't advertised via kademlia anymore
begun work on extra slots for partial share


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